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In the Stars...

Fated to Jewels
Take what you love and live it...
I love jewelry. I always have. I started making jewelry when I was quite young and this continued through my rebellious years in High School.  After following the path most of us do: University, marriage, a baby carriage (or 3!),  I found myself full circle - back to jewelry.
It started simply enough, some beads, wires and pliers.  Fast forward a few years to metalsmithing, soldering and sawing.  I fabricate all my/your jewelry from scratch with utmost care and love.
I love the versatility of our pieces, they're the perfect blend of modern and bohemian for a feel that's super sophisticated.
Hope you enjoy what you see.

rebelbyfate about us

Inspired by the ethereal and magical feeling of a bohemian life style, our dream is to create cool and unique jewelry pieces for today's sophisticated free spirit. We specialize in beautifully handcrafted eclectic everyday pieces, our rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are created to be worn alone as understated statement pieces or layered to showcase your crazy cool elegantly unkempt style. 


rebelbyfate about us
rebelbyfate about us
Fated to Create

All designs start as sketches to ensure the uniqueness of each piece. This handmade process means no two items will ever be alike.

rebelbyfate hearts sketch

All of our jewelry is handmade to order from scratch using traditional metalsmithing techniques. We use solid sterling silver or 14k gold filled metal to create beautiful jewelry pieces. 

rebelbyfate sawing


 helping you to

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